Project History

The long-vacant G. C. Murphy Building, located in downtown Blairsville had fallen into such a severe state of disrepair, it became necessary for the building to be demolished in June, 2020. Left behind was a sizable empty lot on the corner of Market and South Stewart Streets in the heart of the town’s business district. The “Murphy Lot” is owned by the Blairsville Community Development Authority (BCDA).

Developing a Vision

In August 2020, the BCDA and the Indiana County Office of Planning & Development began partnering on The Murphy Lot Visioning Project, an engagement process intended to use community input to develop a plan for the Murphy Lot location. This process ensured that the lot was utilized in compliance with stipulations of the grant through which monies were obtained to demolish the building. Through the initial visioning project, community members participated in a series of meetings and surveys, and shared their ideas on how the Murphy Lot could add the most value to the Blairsville and Indiana County communities. Upon conclusion of a series of public meetings, a core group of volunteers has stayed committed to the project. The project team is working closely with the BCDA and Blairsville Borough to convert the lot to a public space where generations of community members can come together and enjoy downtown Blairsville.

Implementation Stage

The team has established detailed plans for development of a park; the central focal point, a fountain, which will utilize a large fluted sandstone column, an artifact salvaged from a beautiful local bank demolished years ago. The park will incorporate sculptural installations, native plantings, and seating areas which will be inviting for both residents and visitors to downtown businesses.

This project will be funded entirely by donations.
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